Fernando was unquestionably fated to become an influential force in New York City’s physical therapy milieu. Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, Fernando fell in love with nature, food, music and design at a very young age when he spent countless weekends with his maternal grandmother and aunt. “I grew fascinated with the intrinsic beauty of the outdoors, farmer markets and the sounds of piano and stringed instruments. I enjoyed spending hours pairing familiar melodies, epicurean treats and finding their similarities,” he remembers. Later, in his travels throughout Europe, South America and Asia, Fernando discovered dance, yoga and the integrated organic tunes that he began incorporating into his therapeutic designs. His then signature style was born that today defines Fernando’s dynamic compositions of acclaimed massage therapy art.

With an International Business Degree from Hawaii Pacific University — and after earning his license from Remington College in Honolulu, Hawaii, (LMT 10155) and simultaneously becoming certified as WATSU practitioner at Harbin Springs School of Shiatsu, Fernando followed his passion and moved to New York where he launched his successful entrepreneurial venture. In 2013, Massage by Design was introduced in Manhattan, marking the culmination of Fernando’s journey and artful expertise. Fernando’s mastery has been accredited for its intuitive and brilliantly crafted applications and adeptness within the trade. Fernando’s compositions are recognized for their balance and natural sophistication, quickly becoming a favorite to New York’s athletes, young professionals, including high-profile business leaders, and luxury hotel guests.

Today, after widespread recognition, Fernando has blossomed into one of Manhattan’s most sought after massage therapists. Under Fernando’s impeccable eye, Massage by Design, continues to break ground and win local acclaim for its dedicated work with selective clients: Godiva chocolatier; Times magazine; JP Morgan; CBS; Raulph Lauren; and the LA Lakers to name only a few. With stunning work spanning the gamut between relaxation, custom sports therapy and fitness for complete body maintenance, Fernando is a dazzling celebration of form, function, and balance.

“My work primarily deals with “Physical Energy” in the sense of one’s precarious status and existence in nature. I use organic strokes and sensory modality as tools to expand on a spectrum of well-being, therapeutic focus, strength and fitness. My work is done in an attempt to help clients maintain balance. I utilize techniques that are open to spontaneity and intuition. I base my everyday goals on quality of life and equanimity and by demonstrating the contrast between delicate and strong, fragile and fit. My immersion in each session results in complete satisfaction, added trust, and an uncovering of the mysteries of bodywork. If touch is a universal language, then it is through touch that I will speak to the world.”

To my grandmother, aunt — instructors and clients alike, I owe endless gratitude.

222 W. 17th Street New York, NY 10011 / 347 . 225 . 4100